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All accounts are manually activated by an Admin

Manual activation my staff means that your account will not be accessible immediately, so please be patient. If you can't sign in within 24 hours, please send an email to or, or post as a guest in the Guest Forum using your username and ask for help.

Why can't I just get a validation email?

Manual activation is a solution to an ongoing problem with Microsoft email accounts (live, msn, hotmail) not receiving validation emails (more information here). Please use a non-microsoft email to sign up with if you have one.

Information for original GB account holders

All users from the original Ginga Board on Gingasite have been transferred over to this forum.

You can still retrieve a new password by using the forgotten password link on the login page. Providing your username and email address are correct, you will then be sent an email containing an activation link and a new temporary password. You must click the activation link for your temporary password to work.

If however you get an error, or you don't receive the activation email after an hour (please check your spam folders) please email or and I will help you personally when available (I aim to reply within 24 hours)

- Arano