Board Rules

Ginga Board’s Code of Conduct

Rule #1 - Respect

Ginga Board prides itself on the camaraderie of its members when collecting and sharing information. Our #1 Rule is very simple:
You are responsible for the content you post. We encourage all users to be respectful and kind to one another at all times.

It is not expected for everyone to get along, but this does not excuse abusive behaviour and failure to adhere to this rule. Any personal attacks on other members - whether public or through private message - will be taken seriously and dealt with on a case by case basis by the administration.

Rule #2 - Offensive Material

Fans of the Ginga series span all ages, therefore explicit or offensive material is not allowed on the board. This is including but not limited to:
2.a Material that contains sexually explicit or vulgar language/images.
2.b Hateful comments that are bigoted, racially offensive, homophobic or discriminatory against physical or mental disabilities.
2.c Threatening and offensive material promoting religious or political extremist views and illegal activity.

Breaking this rule could incur a warning or a restriction placed on the offending user, or a Ban entirely. Any posts of this nature must be reported.
Auto-ban Clause: Users that are found to be belonging to communities involved in 2.c will be banned immediately.

Rule #3 - Posting Restrictions

Do not spam the forum with one-word answers that do not contribute to discussion.
Do not post replies twice or more in a row (double-posting). If you have something more to say, you can edit your post to include it.

Breaking of this rule the first time will involve a verbal warning by staff if the user appears unaware.

Important User Information

Responsibility of the User

When signing up to post on Ginga Board all users are implicitly agreeing to these rules whether they have been read or not.
Continual rule breaks may result in losing your account permanently.
Users cannot have more than one account. Please make sure your email address is valid and up to date to ensure you are contactable and your account retrievable.

Personal information and the right to be forgotten

Ginga Board only requires that your email address is valid so you are contactable by the administration should there be a problem. Any personal information available beyond this is determined by the user at their discretion.
You can ask for any of your content to be deleted at any time. This includes topics, individual posts or the entirety of your account.
If removal of your account is requested, there is no option to retrieve it if you change your mind. Ginga Board will not retain any of your information and should you wish to come back, a new account will need to be created.