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Ginga Wiki - GDN Images

Post by blivery » Sun Dec 29, 2019 9:07 pm

This is a topic for all updated image galleries on the ginga wiki.

I will always add those image galleries here that are up to date with the GDN series. It's for everyone who's searching for images of specific characters of GDN. These are all cleaned and edited images. That means they're free of dust and other disruptive elements.

Note: if the images aren't loading you have to reload the page a few more times.

Chapter 1 - 3:
Kyōshirō, Sasuke, Maru, Kurotora, Hirota, Hirota's and Miho's Grandfather, Taichi

Chapter 16 -17:
Tamasaburō, Kinta, Reika

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