The Official-Unofficial GNG Drinking Game!

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The Official-Unofficial GNG Drinking Game!

Post by WeedoWeedoWeedo » Mon Feb 19, 2018 6:11 am

Woah, hey, what's that sound?


I know a variant of this has been floating around on GB's spam board for some time but in light of recent events I have taken it upon myself to flesh this out in it's entirety.

My partner and I have a Retro Anime night and this year I have suggested GNG. As much of an odd-duck as the show is I wanted to spice it up a bit, so we shook on the idea of a drinking game. I have here my final-ish draft and I figured that if anybody else was a nut like me they might want to get together with their pals and get drunk to muscle dogs.

Disclaimer: Drink Responsibly Pls
Ginga: Nagareboshi GIN
The Official-Unofficial Drinking Game for Silver Fang/Hopeanuoli/Whatever
What you will need:

1. Mixed drinks, (Any sort will do, as long as there will be enough for all the participants to get through their desired number of roid dog episodes).
2. A jug of good Gin for shots, (It doesn’t have to be Gin, obviously, I just wanted to make the pun. Really any hard stuff will do the trick).

The Rules

Drink once in the event of:

1. Gohei saying “Akakabuto” venomously
2. Daisuke saying/doing something obnoxious or cringey
3. Daisuke doing something stupid and reckless
4. Animal abuse
5. Child abuse
6. Music video sequences
7. Redundant narration
8. Casual sexism (i.e. “I can’t fight a girl!”)
9. Highly improbable physics
10. Flying Dogs™
11. Gin and John locking eyes competitively
12. Gin Mary-Sue Moments
13. Recycled animation
14. Stormtrooper Aim
15. “Otoko” (to be a man/male) speeches
16. Closeups on Gin’s moist anime eyes
17. A dog staring up at the moon and monologuing
18. ‘Here we all are, on a Tall Thing looking out over the horizon’ shots, AKA Cliff Shots
19. Ben bumping into something out of blindness
20. Dogs being cannibalised on screen
21. Gin getting hazed
22. Bears killing bears
23. Betrayal
24. (Successful) Suicide
25. Acute melodrama (e.i. “Oh, Great Leader, our devotion to you crushes mountains, etc.”)
26. Manly Tears
27. Falling rocks
28. Plot contrivances (whenever noticed)
29. Lazy Sci-Fi explanations
30. Berserker moments

Take a shot in the event of:

1. Especially gratuitous violence
2. New character(s) being added to the party
3. Character redemption arc reaching completion


Er, well if a major character dies, Finish that Drink!
there’s a boot in my snake げわ逸ゖぶ猿


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