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Kaiken wrote:
Fri Feb 07, 2020 7:39 pm
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Wed Feb 05, 2020 8:15 pm
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Dp we have any evidence of Bonn having problems with his father/his father being cruel to him or his friends other than Bonn's own words? Or even evidence of Blanca actually telling Bonn what he claims his uncle have said?
The scene with Bonn defying Matheus is still from his own initiative after he's been converted to Ohu army, too.
Even if Blanca did really say what Bonn claims he said, it still doesn't prove Matheus being a bad father, just that in war it's not safe with him anymore especially considering how strong Gennai is. He might have just said that to ensure Bonn stays with the winning side instead of returning in Masamune's path, who WOULD kill a puppy.
The narrator says that it wasn't until he joined the Ohu army that Bon finally got to live a proper puppy's life and have friends.

Also imho assuming that Bon is such a convincing actor that he's capable of instantly fake crying at the mention of his father and coming up with lies about Blanca's last words and Mateus being a remorseless murderer while still crying his eyes out over Blanca's death requires making far more assumptions than him genuinely despising his father. Theories are well and good, but Ginga is the sort of series where subtlety does not exist - canonically, everything is always exactly the way it's presented as. I'm not stopping you from having a headcanon that Bon is secretly a master manipulator (it's honestly a really neat theory), but as far as actual canon goes, he hated his father and Mateus had a history of killing his sons playmates.

I'm not saying he was fake crying, neither at the mention of his father nor at Blanca's death. It's just that the sudden change of attitude (he wasn't unhappy when he debuted, in fact he seemed boastful and proud to be leader's son) seemed really weird. There was also an odd pause of tension about what Blanca whispered to him, AND it wasn't shown, like other times. It was left for the character himself to explain.
That's the thing. Ginga is always very straightforward when it comes to abusive fathers and unhappy sons.
He definitely got a far more healthier and normal lifestyle with Ohu army, which is what narrator said, yeah.
Matheus said that it was Bonn himself who killed his friends and that also makes sense for Bonn to just blame everyone else. His friends or his father, anyone just not himself. We've never seen him remorseful after all...
All very interesting answers, it's just from the outside, it looked like Bon had Stockholm Syndrome!
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