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General discussion of topics that encompass more than one of Yoshihiro Takahashi's series, as well as topics relating to Takahashi himself.
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Do you think all of Yoshi's stories take place in the same universe?

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Takahashi universe

Post by Gingaddict » Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:05 pm

Do you think all of Yoshi's stories take place in the same universe? I would like to think so except for the ones where he talks about the dogs he has owned.
I did a Ginga dog horoscope and according my calculations, I am most like Gin! Am I lucky?

I took one of those 'Which character are you?' tests, one which happened to be Ginga related and it said I would
be most like Tesshin! I feel quite honoured!

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Re: Takahashi universe

Post by Digsu » Tue Jan 12, 2021 8:19 pm

No. I've always assumed that all the stories take place in separate universes, except for the Ginga canon which includes all the series that actually have "Ginga" in the title. It'd explain why characters aren't mentioned cross-series even when it'd make sense (like, say, why none of the fighting dogs in SSY or BNF are never mentioned by the fighting dogs in Ginga or vice versa) and why the dogs behave differently depending on series, like how dogs in series where they don't talk generally act slightly more like real dogs than the ones in Ginga do.

The only exceptions to my "anything that's got Ginga in its title happens in the Gingaverse" rule are Ginga no Inutachi, which is a rerelease of an older story that had nothing to do with Ginga (and wasn't even written by Yoshi, meaning it's technically not even his story) and presumably just had the title slapped on for marketing purposes, and Kacchuu no Senshi Gamu that had a similar case of "series that had nothing to do with Ginga getting branded as a Ginga story when rereleased years later" situation going on.

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