Top 10 Ginga characters

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Top 10 Ginga characters

Post by Jinto » Tue Apr 13, 2021 12:05 pm

I thought this should have it's own topic. But what is your top 10 Ginga character list :bon3:
(I know I posted this list in my introduction but here is a bit more in depth look at what I like and dislike about my favourite characters)

10. Izo
Really liked him in GDW:O for having a bigger role. Not so much now but that's ok.

9. Bon
He is more humorous character than most which is what I liked about him. Unfortunately he has become more of a background character.

8. Sirius
I'd say he is pretty much Weed 2.0 and because I like Weed I like Sirius too. But he is more extreme about not killing than his father and tries to hammer his point trough to other characters which became very repetitive and annoying to see.

7. Orion
I didn't feel Orion's character got developed at all in GDW:O or in GTLW. Orion pretty much was the same hot headed youngster who argued so much with other characters that it became irritating. Not always thought. But in GDN Orion is much more likeable to me because he feels more calm and seems to have changed in a good way. I hope they don't change him too much.

6. Kyoshiro
One of my favourite new characters in GDW anime because his impulsive personality. Now he has become more of a comic releaf which I don't mind too much but I wish he was more of a badass he used to be.

5. Riki
Enough said. Ok maybe a bit more. Badass leader who imo is the strongest character in Ginga.

4. John
First dog who Gin meets and they become very good friends. Unfortunately in the anime he doesn't do too much after Gin leaves with the other dogs. Still a cool character in GDW anime as well and I like him for his personality.

3. Weed
Kind hearted, fair and righteous dog but has too extreme no killing policy. He isn't a good father to his kids and now kind of just there. Worst Ohu leader.

2. Akame
Cool ninja dog who is very wise and he is more relevant than most other characters. Even in his old age he is still a very good fighter.

1. Gin
Gin has been with us since the beginning and for me he is likeable protagonist for having an adventurous and not too serious personality. He grows up to become a great supreme commander and now when he is older he acts more as a mentor to the younger soldiers of the Ohu army.
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Re: Top 10 Ginga characters

Post by Spirit Tree » Tue Apr 13, 2021 6:13 pm

Pretty hard to place my top 10 favorites, but here they are as I think:

10) Bon
9) Yukimura
8) Ben
7) Sasuke
6) Lydia
5) Jerome
4) Smith
3) GB
2) Orion
1) Riki
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Re: Top 10 Ginga characters

Post by kahooton » Wed Apr 14, 2021 12:15 am

10. GB
9. Terumune
8. Yukimura
7. Izou
6. Akame
5. Tesshin
4. John
3. Chutora
2. Bon
1. Murder S
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Re: Top 10 Ginga characters

Post by Phantom Riki » Wed Apr 14, 2021 7:08 am

10. Bemu
9. Viktor
8. Great
7. Musashi
6. Moss
5. Hakuro
4. Jerome
3. Gin
2. Shiro
1. Riki
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Re: Top 10 Ginga characters

Post by Tonizerna » Fri Apr 16, 2021 6:54 pm

10. Beninzakura
9. Sniper
8. Kurojaki
7. John
6. Kurotora
5. Hakuro
4. Akatora
3. Akame
2. Tesshin
1. Gin

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Re: Top 10 Ginga characters

Post by Bonisfab » Mon Oct 11, 2021 4:37 pm

10. :bon: Bon
9. :kurojaki: Kurojaki
8. :koyuki: Koyuki
7. :zion: Shion
6. :akakama: Akakama
5. :rigel: Rigel
4. :yukimura: Yukimura
3. :joe: Joe
2. :sirius: Sirius
1. :weed: Weed
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Re: Top 10 Ginga characters

Post by Wolpard » Sat Oct 16, 2021 1:58 am

Here are my favorites, though I'd argue some characters are probably written better, in the grand scheme of things. This was a little tough cause I feel like I'm only confident about my top two favorites.

1. :tesshin:
2. :kyoushiro:
3. :akatora:
4. :benizakura:
5. :gin:
6. :john:
7. :kurojaki:
8. :ben:
9. :kaibutsu:
10. :rigel: (mainly because of TFW)

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Re: Top 10 Ginga characters

Post by Kasi » Sat Oct 16, 2021 2:54 am

In no order:


Last one either Akame (GNG era only) or Smith (GDW era only)
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Re: Top 10 Ginga characters

Post by JazzyJazz » Thu Oct 21, 2021 3:06 pm

Hmmm this is a toughie since I like a LOT of characters and trying to fit just 10 on a list is hard, but I’ll try :weary:

10. Moss, the REAL best Dad in all Ginga, fuck off Saheiji. This needs no explanation and I’m sad that he’s gotta be spot 10 but hey 10 out of 1000 ain’t bad

9. John, who is alive and well and living with his mate and daughter what do you mean Hougen killed him you’re wrong he’s nOT DEAD. Honestly, he’s the one who sent that lightning bolt at Hougen and he shoulda sent another one right at Weed’s stupid face. :triumph:

8. Reika, one of the more competently written non-fighting females. Yeah, we have Lydia, but she died way too soon and was MIA for most of GDWO, and while Reika is no warrior like Cross, she’s kind, crafty and loyal. Waaaaaaay better than idiots like Koyuki. Unfortunately GDN’s giving her a Jyoushiro arc (because sparing the idiots that plan on murdering your kids, your friend’s kid and serving you as a meal to the three Chucklefucks is SUCH A SMART IDEA), so I can’t put her much higher.

7. Hiro, the absolute chad who DID NOT DIE AT ALL FUCK YOU “THE LAST WARS”. Fortunately, he didn’t quite have a Jyoushiro-style character regression, although he never did use his technique again which sucks.

6. Kaibutsu/Akakabuto, my favorite villains who I also can’t place over each other. Akakabuto is the OG baddie of course and commands way more respect than the Hybrid Bear or his mistake of a son Monsoon. Kaibutsu’s a very sympathetic villain, yet was still someone who needed to die for the safety of dogs in Ohu, not to mention having one of the most gorgeous episodes in the GDW anime.

5. Cross, the OG woman fighter. Unfortunately the Chutora fight happened and it began her downfall as a respected soldier of Ohu. That and, like the other Ohu Veterans, she kinda just mainly sits quietly in the background during most scenes post!GNG and never adds anything of substance that could help the younger generation to become stronger warriors.

4. Riki, because it’s fucking Riki. Honestly he’d lived and hadn’t gotten his personality fucked up like Gin, he’d rank higher, so perhaps it’s good he didn’t make it past the Akakabuto arc. Also puppy Riki is really cute and sweet, but not a complete pansy like some other puppy protagonists I could mention.

3. GNG!Ben and Anime!GDW!Ben. GNG!Ben needs no explanation, but anime Ben actually does things and acts somewhat lucid enough to be involved in the war. And he doesn’t die after being MIA for an arc.

2. Kyoushiro, before the Jyoushiro personality kicked in, which I consider to be not long after his introduction because after that, he gets a little too obsessed with Weed for my liking.

1. Gin/Orion because I cannot for the life of me put one over the other. I’m mostly referring to GNG!Gin and some elements that of Manga!Russian Arc!Gin, when he’s actually skilled and not sitting around on his ass and praising Weed. Orion’s always been an interesting case to me and I honestly wish he’d been raised by GNG!Ohu and not the current Ohu where if he even blinks someone calls him a selfish child.

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