Favorite Ginga Fights? (beware, spoilers)

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Favorite Ginga Fights? (beware, spoilers)

Post by Dragon » Sun Sep 09, 2018 10:01 am

Ginga is filled with all sorts of fights, battles, wars, duels, etc. From the dogs vs bears, to dogs vs a monster, to dogs vs dogs!
This might be speaking too soon, since TLW is about to have another one, but meh. We can just add that later if it actually turns out good.

What are some of your favorite battles?

Here's some of mine:
-The Russian army dogs VS Hakuro's army. An army of 70 dogs EASILY took out the large army of around 130 dogs. That's. insane. I know this arc is really bizarre and over the top with its numbers [like Weed finding 1000 dogs to join him into war within a week???] but considering it all possible, that's a crazy victory for the Russian army dogs o_o!

-The Russian army dogs VS Jerome. Speaking of these crazy strong dogs, it was cool seeing Jerome fight against people on par with his 'specially trained skill level' and trying to keep up with the overwhelming torture without breaking. And I must mention his epic tornado attack! (https://imgur.com/I43iDOU) Hands down one of my fav scenes

-In GNG's wolf arc, Akame VS Gaia. The epic mouth to mouth fight LOL Silly looking maybe, but the fact that Akame could have lost his tongue and bled to death was pretty cool.

-Sniper VS Stone. Quick... but impacting O-O Truly shows how dangerous Sniper became with his healing. And the head toss afterwards was just. the cherry on top of an already gruesome result.

-John and the secret allies VS Hougen and his army (round 2). Just such an emotional fight and John being so difficult to take out fully after all the days of starvation, beating, and then trying to run away in the cold... Q-Q His fury scaring Hougen alone, and CUTTING HIS OWN GUT! True legend OTL

-Masamune VS Gennai. Sorry to Gennai for such an embarrassing fight, but seeing Masamune use his scarf to mess with him like Gennai was a bull was crazy to see. And Masamune respecting him so much to go easy on him was...strangely cute to me. I'msorry. It was also insane that he was able to drag that huge body around and HANG it on a tree like that. Really one of the most unique fights ever.

-Masashige vs the kais. I can't forgive Masashige for what he's done to my favorite dog :izou: 's family, but he... kinda redeemed himself to me with his fights. His talk of already dying and being a ghost of Masamune's helper, and wanting to be reborn as an Ohu ally was just really interesting to hear each time. Darn his cool quotes making those fight so intense. I wish that one Kai's neck stayed stuck [was apparently broken, but Unsai ...fixed that? o---o] so there was still a symbol left of how threatening he was. I guess his 1HKO to the first set of kai trio is good enough.

So, enough of my rambling LOL What's you guys' fav? I'm excited to hear them and why!

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Re: Favorite Ginga Fights? (beware, spoilers)

Post by YamaDora » Sun Sep 09, 2018 11:01 am

Here's some of my favorite fights!

Weed, Yukimura and the monkeys VS. Shogun
Now, I mostly blame Hakurojaki's Ginga Epicness (a series of manga-based videos with TSFH music) for this and overall making me love the monkey arc, but damn. Shogun is so overly top villain that it just works for me. He and this fight has serious, almost nightmarish tone and the fight really becomes desperate at the end of it when it starts raining and most of the soldiers are down. Also Yukimura and the way he finished this fight...that's probably my single favorite scene from all Ginga, hands down.

Weed VS. Hougen (manga)
Again, I blame Hakurojaki for making this fight more epic for me with his videos (people really should go watch them!). Specially the part with spirits appearing gives me so many chills, and I just love how Sakura's spirit also gets a role in this fight! And the way narrator narrates some bits hits me personally by how they create the mood for some parts (and it's something the anime really butchered when they did all the changes to this fight).

Ben VS. Mukonga
This fight is the only Ben moment in the series that really stood out to me, partly because my very first Ginga manga I ever got was a Japanese book that included this fight. This fight is so unique when it comes to one versus one fights in the series, as both Ben and Mukonga are very huge and physically strong. I am a fan of sumo wrestling and fights that implements elements from them, and seeing two huge brutes going out kinda reminds me of that, too.

Those are all I can think of right now. :D

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Re: Favorite Ginga Fights? (beware, spoilers)

Post by Eclipse-Wolven » Mon Sep 10, 2018 3:23 am

I would need to go back through the series to remember them all, but off the top of my head I loved:

Weed vs. Victor
Between the setting and how it was done, this may be my favorite one on one fight in all of Ginga. That fact that it was sort of the moment where Weed finally proved once and for all that he was worthy to be Gin's successor made it pretty epic to me (even if it's never been translated so I don't know what's being said).

John/his allies vs. Hougen/his pack
This one is hard to watch/read but it's so emotional and epic that it's always been one of the best as far as I'm concerned.
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Re: Favorite Ginga Fights? (beware, spoilers)

Post by Kaiken » Tue Dec 11, 2018 1:28 am

I agree about most of these. Here's some honorable mentions from my part:

Gin vs Benizakura
Sniper vs Loyd
Hakuro vs Russians
Riki vs Gaki
Pretty much all and any with Orion involved
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