Your Ginga Collection

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Re: Your Ginga Collection

Post by RiKyy » Thu Feb 14, 2019 3:02 pm

Oh my God, finally! I finished my site update today :D I all time just bought, bought, and didn't post anything >< So now, here is my site with updated pictures:

I have loooooot of item, what I didn't get yet, but you can check them on th Coming soon list :D

What is your most expensive item?

-I think, the Gin plush. I bought it for 250$ (yes, it's cheap, but I bought everything for cheap xD and I was sooooo lucky with it :D )

Do you have a favorite?

Of course, I have so much favourite! :D
-my plushes <3 Currently I have Gin, Akame and Kyoshiro, but GB arriving a little later :D But I'm in love with them
-GNG 2nd series figures. I totally love them, I love the GNG items, and they are awesome
-GNG Akita Inu Shimpo. I don't know why, but I always want to read it >< it has many nice pics
-menko cards and waffle stickers. I have them all and I love them <3 they so hard to find, and rare if somebody has all, but I can be a lucky person to have all <3

What's your collection grail that you're trying to get?

Riki plush. It's so clear for me >< Before I started to collect Ginga in 2012. I found a Riki plush on the internet. I don't remember where familiar this dog, so I searched a little. I realized, that my favourite "tale" what I watched on VHS when I was about 4-5 was the GNG, and he was my absolute favourite. So I started rewatch it, andI soo badly wanted that plush >< After all I realized, not only Riki plush is available, so I started collect everything xD So that's why I want him so badly, so As FDQ wrote before me: "I would DIE" for a Riki plush xD :D :riki:

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Re: Your Ginga Collection

Post by Gingastar » Sun Feb 17, 2019 3:54 am

I don't have my merchandise list set up on Ginga Merch nor do I have pictures of everything yet (gotta get on that whoops) so I'll list my merchandise here:

If you are interested in what photos I do have they can be found here: ... Collection

Ginga Nagareboshi Gin:
GNG volumes 2-4 (1st edition, Japanese)
GNG volumes 1-10 (2nd edition; complete, Japanese)
Hopeanuoli volume 1 (Finnish)
Bear Dog Gin Birth Compilation volume 1 (Japanese)
GNG Shin Gaiden 1+2 (Japanese)
Meteor Gin (Japanese)

Shonen Jump:
November 28th
April 8th

GNG VHS volume 1 (Japanese)
Silver Fang VHS volumes 1-3 (2nd edition, Swedish)
Silver Fang DVD volumes 1+2 (2003, Swedish)
GNG episodes 1-21 with English Subs (Unofficial/Bootleg)

Set 1:
Gin (Silver)
Riki (White)
Ben x3 (Brown, Bronze, Blue)
Kurotora (White)
Moss x2 (Silver, White)
Cross x2 (Silver, Brown)
Oliver (White)
Musashi (Brown)
Sniper (Brown)
Akakabuto A (White)
Akakabuto B (Brown)
Set 1 Figure Paper x2

Set 2:
Smith (Silver)

GNG Shin Gaiden Store Standee
GNG DVD Boxset advertisement
GNG 50th Anniversary Card
GNG Trading cards (1, 6, 8, 10, 22, 50, 52, 55, 57)
GNG official t-shirt (Gin, Smith, & Chutora)
Famicom Jump: Hero Retsuden
Akita Inu Shimpo (newspaper)

Ginga Densetsu Weed:
GDW volumes 1-60 (1st edition; Complete, Japanese)
GDW volumes 11-13 (2nd, Japanese)
GLW volumes 1-3 (Complete, English)
GDW Data Book (Japanese)
GDW Weed Gaiden (1st Edition, Japanese)
GDW My Dog, My Weed (Japanese)
GDW Art Book (Japanese)
Weed World vol. 1 (Japanese)

Weekly Manga Goraku December 12th 2003

GDW: Silver Fang’s Son volumes 2+3 (2007, 2007)
GDW episodes 1-26 English sub with Mandarin dub (Unofficial/Bootleg)
GDW episodes 1-26 English Sub (Unofficial/Bootleg)

GDW set 1 & 2 (Complete)
GDW set 1 & 2 sealed with plastic w/ figure box holder

Weed (Small)
Ben (Small, with tag)
Mel (Small)

Teru (Episode 10)

GDW Episode 1 Storyboard
GDW anime advertisement

Ginga Densetsu Weed: Orion:
GDW: O volumes 1-19 (1st edition, Japanese)

Ginga: The Last Wars:
TLW volume 1 (Japanese)

Weekly Manga Goraku June 2015
Weekly Manga Goraku 2017

Ginga Densetsu Akame:
GDA volumes 1+2 (Japanese)

Byakuren no Fang:
Byakuren no Fang volumes 1-4 (1st edition; Complete, Japanese)

Shiroi Senshi Yamato:
Shiroi Senshi Yamato volumes (4th edition, Japanese)

Other Series:
Ginga Densetsu Riki (1st edition, Japanese)
Ginga no Inutachi (Japanese)

Miscellaneous Items:
Fanmade Gin, Riki, and Smith figures
Fanmade Genba Keychain
Fanmade Riki, Gin, John, Benizakura, Weed, GB, Orion, Sirius, Rigel, and Bella keychains
Unknown figure that looks like Weed
Genga Exhibition flyer with GDW on it (not really ginga merch though)


What is your most expensive item?
My Ben plush

Do you have a favorite?
My GNG Shin Gaiden Standee is my favorite

Other pieces I love are:
Ben plush
GDW Anime episode 1 storyboard

What's your collection grail that you're trying to get?
The GNG Shin Gaiden Standee was my all time grail tbh, though I guess since I have it now my grail would be a small GB plush, small Kagetora plush, and any GDW poster

Banners by me

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Re: Your Ginga Collection

Post by kaji kiba » Sun Jun 09, 2019 4:22 am

My Gingamerch List

Not listed on GingaMerch/Fanmade items

- Sirius and Akame fanmade keychains
- Stickers by various artists on redbubble
- GDW advertisements
- Weed perler bead sprite
- Gin mug

What is your most expensive item?
Probably my 1st edition Yamato set I got on Yahoo Japan some years ago. I can't even remember what everything was with shipping but it was no fun XP

Do you have a favourite?
As of now the GDW arbook. I wish we had artbooks for the other series too.

What's your collection grail that you're trying to get?
A plush for sure (Even though they're too expensive for my taste but it would be nice to own one)
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Re: Your Ginga Collection

Post by Akame » Fri Aug 09, 2019 7:37 pm

here is my little collection!


What is your most expensive item?
since I didn't buy my mangas (they were a gift, so please don't tell me the value) I have to say the Akame figure, £15.99

Do you have a favorite?
that's a tough one, cos I got Kamakiri first (in a giveaway raffle on GingaMerch!) and he was my only Ginga piece for a long long time, but I have to say my Volume 3 of GDA, because the cover artwork is amazing!

What's your collection grail that you're trying to get?
it was the GDA series, which I recently got as a birthday present. I honestly never ever thought I'd own them! I'm not actually much of a collector since I'm not really the best at online shopping, and I've never used a middle-man-- I guess my dream item would be an Akame plush, or a Kurojaki figure!
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