Big Ginga Character Poll

General discussion of topics that encompass more than one of Yoshihiro Takahashi's series, as well as topics relating to Takahashi himself.
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Big Ginga Character Poll

Post by Regnant » Wed Dec 27, 2017 10:13 pm

Riki is currently in the lead, followed by Gin, Kyoushirou, John, Akame, Kurotora, and Tesshin/Chibi

In Finland, people like Akame the most
In Sweden, people like Wilson the most
In the rest of Europe, Riki
In the US, Tesshin/Chibi
In Canada, Orion
In Australia, Kyoushirou

Feel free to change your votes at any time or vote some more! All characters from Ginga are in there (let me know if someone is missing), and if you don't know who a character is just click the ? next to their name to bring up their GingaWiki article :)
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