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Re: Ginga Alternate Universes

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:44 am
by Dragon
Limonzy wrote:
Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:08 pm
What's worse is that Jerome's character is now pretty much just a waste of space..
After the Hougen arc he pretty much just leaves the army to find a place to die?? Twice!! First at the start of the monkey arc and then again at the start of the Russian war dog arc..! Why couldn't he just be killed off in the battle if he has no purpose anymore?
Tbh I don't remember much from the hybrid bear arc.. only remember poor GB's sacrifice.
But in GDW:O he is shut in the mountain shed for most of the series and in TLW he is definitely back to his war seeking suicidal self. And even then he didn't die.. Yoshi really needs to let him go..!
Jerome definitely would of had a beautiful death in the manga if it was the same as the anime's...
I think Yoshi was going for Jerome wanting to keep getting into danger until he had a purposeful death [like the anime provided], but since he lived through the war, he continued to try living on the edge as a daredevil to find the next honorable death place. So, not so much suicide? But... I dunno. Not caring about his life as a person, but being a weapon put to good use. It's interesting to think about, since he's basically been that way all his life as an assassin but he changed it to do for good as a hero now.
It's upsetting he never got that ending he wanted, and even sadder now that he lost the person who made him give up that reckless lifestyle... Yoshi, just give Jerome a warrior's mercy.
:EMPTY: look at him. hes tired.