Free Image Gallery Rules - Please read before posting

Here, you can post or find free un-watermarked images from Ginga Nagareboshi Gin (manga and anime). These pictures can be used for anything you want, and can be re-posted anywhere.
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Free Image Gallery Rules - Please read before posting

Post by Kasi » Thu Mar 29, 2018 7:43 am

Free Image Gallery Rules

The topic title should be the name of the character. If there is already a topic that fits your images, please post in that topic instead of making a new one. If your image contains multiple characters, feel free to post the image in all of the relevant topics.

Do not post text in these forums.

Do not post recolors that contain original characters (characters not created by Yoshihiro Takahashi) or random character designs in the Altered Images forums. You may only post recolors that depict Yoshihiro Takahashi's characters. For example, if you recolor Weed to look like puppy Riki, you may post it in the FIG. But if you recolor Weed to look like your fursona, or if you recolor Weed to have random green fur, you may not post it in the FIG.

Use the Request Board to request images. Do not request images in the picture galleries themselves.

Do not post images with text or watermarks on them.

Do not post images that are more than 700 pixels in width. If you have a picture larger than that, please post a link to it.

Please do not demand or expect credit for the pictures you post.

Only post images that you have captured or scanned yourself – do not post pictures taken from other websites. If this happens, GingaBoard and GingaSite are not responsible – the member assumes full responsibility for the images he or she posts.
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