Favorite and Least Favorite TLW Characters

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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite TLW Characters

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Sirius :sirius:
Sirius is a very interesting character. I really like his sense of justice and how he believes that everyone has something good in them. I adore his ability to remain calm and polite in all situations even when his brother is yelling at him and has lost all of his self control... He doesn't want any harm on anyone and is overall a sweet character.

Shion :zion:
When Shion appeared for the first time I didn't really care about him but when he started talking to bears my interest in him grew. I like how he helps Sirius even though he seems to disagree with him. So I believe that he really cares about Sirius. Him becoming like a father to Chibi was so sweet.

Rigel :rigel:
Rigel seems really calm but has still got some Orion attitude. He's ready to fight but still listens to the others and understands their point of view. Rigel gives a chance to Chibi because he believes that he isn't a threat and protects him from Orion. Rigel is like the neutral choice between Orion and Sirius and I would like to know more about him but he was just left in the shadows hhhsdbch

Least favorites:

Weed :weed:
I could write forever about how odd Weed has been in TLW. He's not like himself at all and I can't even recognize him as the same dog. In GDWO he has grown but still has his personality and suddenly in TLW he has turned into a boring adult character who believes that killing a villain that clearly isn't going to attack you anymore is the only answer. He didn't even give Sirius a chance to try to convince him and immediately disagreed with him. I mean if he still had been himself I believe that he would have considered making peace with Monsoon. He even told Sirius to leave the Ohu army because they didn't need a dog like that. (You were a dog like that before) What kinda father says that? You suck as a father just saying Weed :EMPTY:

Orion :orion:
I don't even know what's going on with him. I dislike him very much and I hate his way of solving problems. He's got an annoying personality and gets angry at anyone that disagrees with him. He doesn't listen. Doesn't give any mercy. He hurts his own brother and clearly doesn't respect his own comrades. He even acts like he's going to hurt Jerome and wants to hurt an innocent bear! There's a lot wrong in his head, someone send him to a therapist.
If i have to say something good about him I really like his colors and the scars he has got.
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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite TLW Characters

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CHIBI- Such a cute cub that actually has a personality and makes some of the only cute scenes in this otherwise bleak story

SHION- It's great to see him make a comeback and how helpful he is to Sirius but I can't help but think he was written in because Yoshi didn't want to use Bella!

GIN- He at least listens to his grandsons and reason for wanting to take Monsoon down are better justified than anyone else and shows much more emotion than his dumb-down son.

CROSS- One of the only characters who tries to look out for Sirius and calls Weed out of his crappy exiling.


SIRIUS - He has good intentions but his thinking is so solid that he puts too many lives in danger.

ORION - I was warming up to him, but he's just too overpowering and addicted to violence, he'd make a better villain than a hero.

ANDY - I just don't see what he's done to make himself so great, he has no personality unless it's not copying John.

MONSOON - It's amazing to see an actual bear with a vendetta than just being plain evil. However he's just too angry, bloodthirsty and judge mental.


ADULT WEED- WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU, WEED??? :bella4: YOU ARE A DISGRACE! He reminds me of Odin from Thor - treats all his kids terribly and going against his own principles! I WISH YOU DIED INSTEAD OF SIRIUS!

WEED IN GDW - if you just kill because you can't forgive wars will never end
WEED IN TLW - Kindness shouldn't apply to Monsoon

AKAME - He is an elder and yet still jumps around and scars heal in minutes??? NO BLOODY WAY!! HE'S WAY TOO OVERPOWERED, HE'S THE TRUE GARY STU OF THIS SERIES!!

MARU AND SUNNY - they tried to kill Chibi, they are just horrible and rude!
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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite TLW Characters

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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite TLW Characters

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Favorite: Sirius
Least Favorite: Orion(TLW Only)
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Re: Favorite and Least Favorite TLW Characters

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my favorite characters from tlw are sirius, orion, zion, bob.
I really didn't like weed in tlw but I didn't like him in gdwo either, kyoshiro was also pretty bad here too, I think most of the older ginga characters lost a lot of their personalities as the series went on
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