Where to read Ginga Requiem?

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Where to read Ginga Requiem?

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Hello, I was wondering where I could read Ginga Requiem in English, I do not speak Japanese and I do not know where to go in the meantime.
I'm also waiting for my account activation (sabrestratos) and I was wondering if there's anywhere that I can read it here ^^
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Re: Where to read Ginga Requiem?

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Hi there! I am a member of Ginga Board. There is a way you can read Requiem: by going to ''Ginga Densetsu Requiem'' under the community board and in the ''Ginga Densetsu Requiem: Spoiler Thread'' topic, there will be the chapters posted weekly I think. There is a user that translates Requiem into English and posts it in a certain section but you'll need to have your account activated and reach 20 posts to find the translations.
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Re: Where to read Ginga Requiem?

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Your account is activated now!

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