[GRP] DakotaTheGSD - ‘DAKOTA’

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[GRP] DakotaTheGSD - ‘DAKOTA’

Post by Astor » Fri Jul 12, 2019 12:00 am

Name: Dakota Of Shikoku "Dakota"

Age: 7 years, 4 months

Gender: Female

Breed: German Shepherd

Location: Born on the Island of Shikoku, currently located in Ohu

Pack: Her own

Rank: Leader


- Hot headed, strong willed, determined, arrogant, a total bigot, secretly has a big heart, very stubborn, loves children, has a hard time fighting back her emotions, sometimes lets her cocky nature get the best of her, fast runner, prefers fangs to claws.


- Open spaces
- Water
- Stealth attacks
- Speed
- Planner
- Bite > Bark


- Tight spaces
- Targets in trees / above her
- Low pain threshold
- More than 5 targets
- Cocky nature & mindset can mess up focus
- Quick to anger
- Emotional


- Dakota was born to the German Shepherds Aika and Jichiro. She is the youngest out of her four siblings; Tamiko, Soruji and Lokil.

Dakota was supposed to live in Northern Ohu, but with the rise of Akakabuto and his minions, her parents Aika and Jichiro moved to the island of Shikoku.

Unbeknowest to Dakota and her siblings, their father was killed by a rival pack on the island, and their mother was forced to give them up and flee.

Dakota and her siblings were raised by a young Benizakura, who taught them how to hunt and fight in private until they were old enough to be on their own, and to keep the knowledge of their existence a secret.

Tamiko and Soruji were angry with Benizakura for not continuing their teachings and fled the island themselves to become stronger, growing a strong dislike for their siblings who sided with the older dog.

Dakota travels to the mainland in search of her mother, but runs into some trouble lead by a cross bred Kai named Taylor. Taylor fights and kills Dakota's brother Lokil out of spite, but learns that Lokil was her brother, too.

Their bonds grow slowly as they travelled Ohu together, their pack growing larger.


Strength 4 Perception 3 Endurance 3 Charisma 2 Intelligence 3 Agility 3 Luck 2


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