Ginga: Rewritten

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Ginga: Rewritten

Post by JiiJoo » Sat Jul 13, 2019 12:26 am

Sooo I'm back with another subject what a surprise :surprisegin:

Anyway I have been thinking about how the plots, plot points, characters etc. In ginga are not written well or live up to their potential.
Too many characters, Plot points that go to nowhere, events that shouldn't happen, the sexism

And so I made this post where we could rewrite the plots and characters, add stuff to the plot that were needed, and give forgotten and flat characters personalities and roles, maybe some of you would take out characters, Add In Made-up characters that are better to the plot, change breeds, change designs etc.

I know this might sounds familiar to the Ginga AUs subject but It's quite different, Since this is will be our take on different things regarding ginga writing.

So Here Is my own take on things, I will think of other stuff soon but this what I have for now:

-GDWO story
The main enemy is not masamune and his army, but is rather mother nature and humans, after the disaster In futago pass dogs of Japan went onto chaos, so the goverment decided It's about time they take care of things.
Of course It's difficult to do so due to all the earthquakes, mudslides and floods.

-Jerome's and Lydia's pups personalities and genders
I will give a short description of the personalities I gave them:

Tetsuo: Lydia's look-alike, Smooth-talker, cunning and arrogant, he is also a one true womanizer who thinks of himself as both handsome and pretty, he is also a bit bossy since he is the oldest.

Akira: The one who look like Jerome but darker, prankster, she is up to no good and always do pranks on others, she likes to crack jokes and make puns as much as she can.

Sunny: While not as straightforward as Maru, He have that Aura that makes him Intimidating, he is very distrustful towards suspicious strangers, deep down he is a softie though but won't admit It.

Maru: He and sunny are very close, Maru is much more reckless and brash than his brother, very straightforward and jump to conclusions, unlike sunny he can be quite silly.

Tonov: She is very shy but polite and the calmest around her siblings, she is very quiet and anxious and always come off as socially awkward, she worries a lot about small things.

Lenov: He is a mama's little boy, but is very sweet and cheerful, he is very helpful but yet is naive and clumsy, he can also be a little bit weird and random at times.

Since Yoshi didn't clear who was female or male, I will choose It In this rewrite.
Males:Tetsuo, Sunny, Maru, Lenov
Females: Akira, Tonov

Their order from oldest to youngest:
Tetsuo > Akira > Sunny > Maru > Tonov > Lenov

This is all my Ideas for now
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Re: Ginga: Rewritten

Post by fantachan » Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:31 am

Yukimura lived [a little while longer]
Just the fact that Weed had brothers seems so random and out of nowhere, but since we got it anyway, I'd have had Yukimura survive a little longer than he did. He would 1.) go back to Ouu with Weed and provide support, sometimes give Weed some advice that he may or may not agree with, scuffle with him to help develop Weed's character, or even give Weed lessons that sometimes being peaceful is not the best option. OR, 2.) Remain in Echigo with Saheiji and provide the Ouu Army with support when they need it.
Yukimura has also seen the error of his ways when mass-killing monkeys and was willing to work with them to eliminate Shougun. That to me warrants giving him a second chance to be a fighter for justice.

Rigel is the lead after GDW
For me, personally, I would have Rigel be the star of GDWO (though it would be retitled GDWR, lol). He's the only one of his brothers to not be extremely war-hungry like Orion, and not as peace-loving as Sirius, so he's sort of in the middle. His development would be based on which of his older brothers influences him the most, or if he will be influenced at all. This would have readers rooting for him to be either peaceful, aggressive, or to make his own decisions.
Rigel's also the most unique-looking of his brothers/family, sporting black-and-white urajiro markings. I feel like this was a missed opportunity, and if Yoshi went this route, it would make for a much more different and unique story.

Bellatrix gets more page time
What Ginga fan doesn't want this? You can't just have an offspring of Weed's be named after a female warrior star and not put her to some use. Even if Yoshi wanted to stick to the the Ouu Army "manly spirit," Bella doesn't even have to fight with the army. She could do reconnaissance, recruit new members, protect the women and children, die protecting one of her brothers...she should do something. You can't introduce a promising female character then push her to the side!

I have some other thoughts, but I'm too tired to discuss them now. :FLY:

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Re: Ginga: Rewritten

Post by VenFenrir » Sat Jul 13, 2019 3:47 pm

I'd change Last Wars ending so if you haven't read it then don't read this!
Other then that I agree that Yukimaru should have stayed around a lot longer, he was one of the few good things in the monkey arc, and his dad (can't remember his name) is like the best parent in the whole series and someone I want to see again, I just loved every time he showed up. Yukimaru could have had a point in the story where he felt like he had to choose between Gin and his adoptive father, and that would have been interesting.

I would have also like to have one main villain actually get the weed treatment and be reformed, we've seen enough of the side villains become allies, but I want a big boss to become a good guy. It would also help with Weed and Sirius characters, as they aren't written as well as I would like (I still like them though). My personal pick would have been Masamune, I love the way he died, but I think it would have been better if instead of suicide, he had a mental breakdown and his tragic past flashed before his eyes. Then he would remember meeting his brother for the first time, and how he actually wanted to love him. Then he would have started to tear up and apologize to Yamabiko, who would of course forgive him, and the two could have cuddled together while the Ohu army watched. Again Sirius and Weed's characters would now work much better, and it could have been very interesting with Orion and Izou's characters as well. Plus Masamune would be in the army, and I would love to have cute scenes of him being a overprotective older brother, and humorous scenes of him butting heads with Orion without being able to kill each other.

Other stuff too, but that's what's on my mind at the moment
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