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Ginga Villain Ranker

Post by VenFenrir » Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:07 am

Okay so as of right now how would you rank the main villains of each arc of the main series, you can give a bit of reasoning if you like. This means they are a final antagonist for an arc (So Sniper, Kamakiri, and Kurojaki don't count).
For me its:

1 Masamune (cool personality, excellent story, awesome death seen, tragic, A NINJA DOG WITH A SCARF)
2 Kaibutsu (Tragic victim, pitiful, gives me ambiguous morality vibes, fluffy)
3 Victor (Smart, realistic, like how he and Gin get locked in a battle of wits)
4 Monsoon (I hate his mood swings, but I like the scenes where he plays with Zion and Sirius, and him trying to run away with Sirius)
5 Gaia (Wolf, Kinda like the a version of an evil Ohu army leader, First main dogish main villain)
6 Hougen (His relationship with his brother, he just kinda there other than that)
7 Akakabuto (First villain, meh other than that)
8 Hybrid Bear (I hate this guy, he made no sense, he killed GB)
9 Shogun (Should not exist, makes no sense, worst arc of the whole series, why Yoshi why?)

Hope I din't miss any of the final bosses, please rank them yourself if you like :DD .
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Re: Ginga Villain Ranker

Post by Wolpard » Sat Jul 13, 2019 2:25 am

1. P4/Kaibutsu (tragic and likeable character, he also has a cool design)
2. Akakabuto (the OG, also he's just cool)
3. Masamune (evil ninja dog hell yeah)
4. Monsoon (kinda just Akakabuto rehashed and less scary, but I did enjoy that he made more sympathetic)
5. Victor (absolutely ruthless)
6. The Shōgun (really creepy and I think interesting as a villain, just wish he was more developed)
7. Hougen (a formidable villain who is responsible for one of the best arcs, but generally I don't care for him as a character)
8. Gaia (I genuinely don't care much for the wolf arc, I think it's tonally very off, and generally I don't care much for any of the characters in it outside of physical designs)
9. Hybrid Bear (underwhelming arc, underwhelming villain)

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Re: Ginga Villain Ranker

Post by fantachan » Sat Jul 13, 2019 3:15 am

I'm leaving Gaia out of my ranking, because I have yet to read the wolf arc.

1.) Masamune – He’s a perfect example of how a good puppy can turn twisted. I feel that he is more of a personal challenge to the youngsters of this arc. Tragic, evil, smart, manipulative, and overall ninja bad-ass with an equally bad-ass suicide (I do not condone suicide)

2.) Monsoon – Monsoon in my opinion is much more developed than his father, Akakabuto. Nearly indestructible, he tests the Ouu army's resolve, just like his father did. We know his backstory, motives, and even has some changes of heart when interacting with Sirius. Like a wild animal, his behavior is unpredictable, and that both helps and hurts his character development.

3.) P4/Kaibutsu – He had a tragic past that has made him resort to killing humans and animals. He is headstrong, and willing to take down anyone who fights along with humans. He is Weed's first challenge, and does not let up on him at all!

4.) Hougen – He’s a rude crude dude willing to do anything to get what he wants. He’s strong and smarter than he looks, proving to the Ouu Army that he's more than just some punk who wants to take control. He's one of the better developed villains in the series. I just wish his arc was a little shorter.

5.) Victor – He’s a ruthless and very intelligent villain who comes up with multiple plans to make sure his ambitions come to fruition. He and his units are proof that it will take more than strength to defeat him. The only downside to this character is that he acts like a coward when it comes to facing bosses head-on, and the battles he does have with them are quite unsatisfying.

6.) Akakabuto – A mere killing machine with the desire to kill anything that moves and claim territory. Kind of an underwhelming character if you think about it. His saving grace is that he was the Ouu Army's first and biggest challenge, making the Ouu Army come together as one to achieve a common goal.

7.) Shougun – A ruthless killing machine. We don’t know much about how he turned out the way he did other than rumors. Probably one of the most underdeveloped villains.

8.) Hybrid Bear – A mere killing machine with the desire to kill anything that moves. Nothing is known about it, and honestly I don’t think anyone cares.

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Re: Ginga Villain Ranker

Post by Kasi » Sat Jul 13, 2019 6:45 am

I've also not read the wolf arc yet so I left Gaia out too.

1. Masamune For a villain I find him rather likable, since I usually don't like ginga villains too much. He's not a particularly big dog but he has a lot of skill, smarts and charisma which makes him a formidable foe. I kinda feel for him given his childhood was not the best and he felt his destiny was taken away from him, and he died in a fitting way still true to his beliefs. I also think his design is pretty cool, with and without the scarf.

2. Monsoon
He's complicated, and he's got a very good reason for his grudge against dogs, however he is also still a villain because of his truly evil actions. I like how his relationship develops with Sirius too, the fact that he is still very unpredictable but starts to change and become conflicted.

3. Viktor
I actually didn't know where to place him, because I love the shepherds arc and the strategies he comes up with, however, like the arc as it continues, I think there's a bit of a stale side to him too. A bit lacking of personality, however great design and very threatening.

4. Hougen
Like others said he was a really good villain for a good arc, but personally I didn't care much for his character aside from that. He was quite entertaining though.

5. Kaibutsu
The arc was just too short for me to list him higher or think of him as a major villain. I think his former close friendship with Jerome also makes me think of his less as the 'major villain' trope and more of a ''save a friend from darkness' kind of thing haha. Having said that, Jerome and the gang weren't too kind to him.

6. Akakabuto
He just didn't really have any character to him other than to kill all dogs humans, bear etc.

7. Shougun
Mean and mysterious, so many unanswered questions.

8. Hybrid Bear
Most boring villain, rehash of Akakabuto but without any of the original story's charm. I kind of like his unique design... but it also looks like a dog.
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Re: Ginga Villain Ranker

Post by Akame » Sat Jul 13, 2019 1:29 pm

I'm not sure that Ginga has a stand-out villain for me? when I think of Ginga villains my first thought is of Hougen, so I guess that speaks for itself! second one I think of is Akakabuto-- but that's just because he is plastered on nearly everything, and there's usually always some mention of the battle with him either in flashback or story-telling in each new series.

it's not like JJBA where there are cool villains in every new story, but DIO is the true stand-out. I guess for me (I can only list from what I've read)

1. Hougen; total sicko, hard to enjoy most of the time, except for his maniacal laughter. I hate his personality- that makes him a good villain
2. Monsoon; really interesting development, actually matters in the story beyond "evil character! bad!"
3. Gaia; he's super trope-y but I love him, even though he's fairly minor
4. Kaibutsu; just as others have said, he has a really sympathetic story, connections to protagonists, his design is cool

like I said, I don't really like any of them? so this list was hard to make even if it's short :upsidedown:
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Re: Ginga Villain Ranker

Post by Atha » Sat Jul 13, 2019 4:59 pm

1. Monster/P4 gets points for being the first main villain who was not inherently evil, he killed his tormentors and hated humans for ruining his whole life. But he had no ill will against dogs in the manga especially and just wanted to live free. It really pained him having to fight his one and only friend. Jerome's reasoning 'we must obey humans no matter how badly they treat us' was terrible so I actually never wished Monster's demise, especially with how annoying Ken and Kagetora were. His story didn't drag either and in the anime he made a lasting impact on Jerome. Anyway, Monster did nothing wrong, fight me.

2. Hougen (mainly manga version), while he's generic and over the top sadistic with his enemies he at least was diplomatic toward non-Ohu allied dogs, letting them join on their own instead of by force -which is good strategy actually- and showed his most interesting side when Sniper accepted his capital punishment. He showed a genuine though twisted bond towards Sniper, even before he knew about the robotic legs being useful. And when he lost Genba, he lost all reason. Also the Grim Reaper aura was super cool and when mad he got really scary.

3. Viktor is generic with his lust for power and ruthlessness but he doesn't rely only on numbers and power, but on intelligence and morale. He's not only smarter than Gin and co, but he also is good at psychological warfare. Sure he's a bit cowardly when facing a dog that can turn into a bazooka, but that's just self-preservation. I don't think that's bad, when your main goal is to win wars. But the cliche of the Evil Foreigner Breed coming to ruin Good Japan got boring after having Sniper, Hougen and Shogun as villains. (now that I think of it, didn't they also emphasize that Akakabuto was NOT a Japanese bear?)

4. Akakabuto is just an immortal killing machine but he has enough brains to make other bears defend his fortress and he's by far the coolest and scariest of them all, so fighting him made the fights more risky and more epic than all of the other villain fights combined. None of the other fights against a villain are nearly as memorable to me, so that alone gives him loads of points.

5. Monsoon had the makings for a much better villain and that's why he loses points. His backstory and trauma had loads of potential. But Yoshi made him cruel for cruelty's sake when it came to his relatives and to other bears (why tf did he kill a female bear for not being his relative??) and all the back and forth between him being 100% evil and goodness for endless volumes made it tiresome. The best and riskiest fights were when he had his bear army with him, but after Deus Ex Humans killed every single other bear, the risk factor dropped to zero for me. I simply could not see him as a threat after that knowing that the humans can just kill him any time instead of waiting endlessly for one dog to learn how to use a sharp curly knife. But his bond with Sirius and inner conflict when he faces Gin or has PTSD flashbacks are one of the few redeeming qualities of TLW.

6. Masamune to me loses points to me for being pretty much the fursona of a real life person, which means you don't need to be as creative when you copy most of someone's story and personality. Also I'm not a fan of such a humanoid design, especially when everyone else around is just a dog (at least he's not as bad as Tenka). He does get points for taking his own life in defiance to everyone, for being diplomatic toward valuable potential allies like Genai, but requiting other dogs by force just means that when you're in trouble they'll be the first to run away.

7. Gaia was by far the most boring of the wolves for me. At least he assembled a pack of much more interesting wolves who gave everyone a hell of a fight.

8. Shogun was boring, and a bad excuse for Yukimura to get easily redeemed by just making him worse. Feeding on puppy blood? Really? Also the whole cliche of "evil foreigner invading Japan" got boring after having Sniper and Hougen as villains. But at least he was scary.

9. Hybrid bear was a mistake. Didn't even have Akakabuto's coolness factor.
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