Flicker of Hope

The home of many fighting dogs.
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Flicker of Hope

Post by Gingastar » Wed Aug 14, 2019 11:04 pm

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In hindsight, perhaps it hadn't been the best of ideas, running away from the humans like that. He ran off in search of his owner Don, but with little to no experience out in the wild on his own well... Lets just say that Kosuke wasn't having the best of luck. It had been around 3 days since his departure, and twice now he had to run away from humans who were in pursuit of him to take him back 'home'. He refused to return home until he found Don! He would find his human if it was the last thing he did!

On top of it all the bulky mutt had found himself starving. With no experience on his own Rokuse had no clue on how to hunt. He thought it would be easy! Surely it's just a matter of instinct! But everytime he got close to a critter to catch it ran off in a panic. Rokuse's stomach growled obnoxiously at the thought of all his missed catches. He had gotten lucky yesterday with some food some humans left behind, but it hadn't been enough to satisfy him. He was thankful though that there was enough water to sustain him at least, and the river was where he was now, soaking his paws as he lapped up the cool liquid.

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